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Been a while since I added to the collection, so here we go...

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worst.meaning BEST! photos. ever.

Careful, the more you look at, the longer you're going to be looking at this page...

I DARE you to post the worst picture of yourself that's even been taken | Reddit

ipad destruction

Interesting thing about new tech product releases... it used to be that people lined up to get theirs to go home and play with it. Now it's a kind of race to see who's the first to pull one apart and/or smash one.

There's the meme-a-riffic:

The clinical (it's spudger time!):

thumbnails of an ipad being disassembled into component parts

...and the totally random:

(Back story... and really, what 19yo can afford three ipads?)

You know I'm pretty sure this causes apple fans actual pain!