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bam bam chkbaba bam bam bam

What could make more sense than redubbing the Matrix lobby scene, acapella style?

(On a similar note, an oldie but a goodie from the site: Can you hold off death with your toys? | funny shit)

new design for funny shit

Today I've launched a new design for Funny Shit! It's been in the works for a while, but I finally stopped watching drunk cooks on YouTube long enough to finish the site.

The new site should work a whole lot better on mobiles than the old one; but as with any new site there might be some glitches (particularly with the old .html pages that aren't converted to the new templates yet).

If you hit any problems or have any comments about the site, let me know! (hit the feedback link on the hompage)

...and with that, back to the drunken baking:

(My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 4: Not Easy, Bake Oven)

my drunk kitchen bakes apple pie

One part cooking, three parts alcohol, all hilarious:


(My Drunk Kitchen: Fourth of July)