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is that on your birth certificate?, and also hilarious:

(Sidenote: generate random words with Correct Horse Battery Staple and use a password safe to note which question it relates to. Easy! ;))

orchestra swaps instruments

Not sure how it is that I've never come across this before... back in the seventies the Portsmouth Sinfonia formed as a musical experiment. Here, they swap instruments and attempt to play Thus Spoke Zarathustra (better known to most of us as "that awesome bit from 2001: A Space Oddysey". Anyway, I nearly hurt myself laughing at the result...

Portsmouth Sinfonia : "Also sprach Zarathustra" - YouTube

benny hill ravers

Dansje doen @ Awakefest 2013 (Hilly Bill) - YouTube:

...mind you, we already know swapping out the music for something else is endless fodder:

lee lin chin deadpans the crap out of celebrity news

The Feed's Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin starts February 10 (Preview) - YouTube:

train barrier's breakout single coming soon

Jubilee Line Ticket Barrier Sings Blur's Song 2 - YouTube:

So silly it's brilliant.

funny shit update

conference call in real life

I like to imagine that even in the companies that make conference call systems, every meeting starts with five minutes of screwing around trying to get it all working. A Conference Call in Real Life - YouTube: