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killer drone

Who knew the robot uprising would be started by Finnish famers?

...and who knew it would be stopped by rubber? ;)

humbugs and season's gratings

Ahh, Christmas. Season of hyperactive muzak, over-the-top decorations and packed shopping malls. Need a break? Check out the (anti-)Christmas Jokes section!.

A couple of favourites are The Christmas Angel, Happy Everything and an unbeatable Christmas Cake Recipe.

Stay cool this yule!

ahctivewear ahctivewear

Dedicated to the ladies I observed this weekend in Costco, buying bulk chocolate in their activewear:

musicians on drugs



Plus, producers get into it...

a magic dragon's raison d'ĂȘtre

"Whaddaya mean, 'what do I do'? I'm a magic dragon.":

...also proving that eating a banana is intrinsically funny, not just double entendre funny.

the oxford comma

Ahh, the Oxford Comma (aka Serial comma). Often debated, but after this truly amazing moment I think we can all agree we should not use it - ever - just in case we lose the opportunity for comedy gold:

thomas the rave engine

I nearly damaged myself laughing at this. Cybergoths Dance to Thomas the Tank Engine - YouTube: