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album cover mashups

WhyTheLongPlayFace (@whythelongplayface) on Instagram has been doing brilliant album cover mashups:

#pinkfloyd #wishyouwerehere #starwars #forcefriday #princessleia #carriefisher #r2d2 #music #forceawakens #theforceawakens #vinyl

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Dara O'Briain on Video Games

Or to cut straight to the bit about Metal Gear Solid...

killer drone

Who knew the robot uprising would be started by Finnish famers?

...and who knew it would be stopped by rubber? ;)

humbugs and season's gratings

Ahh, Christmas. Season of hyperactive muzak, over-the-top decorations and packed shopping malls. Need a break? Check out the (anti-)Christmas Jokes section!.

A couple of favourites are The Christmas Angel, Happy Everything and an unbeatable Christmas Cake Recipe.

Stay cool this yule!

ahctivewear ahctivewear

Dedicated to the ladies I observed this weekend in Costco, buying bulk chocolate in their activewear:

musicians on drugs



Plus, producers get into it...

a magic dragon's raison d'ĂȘtre

"Whaddaya mean, 'what do I do'? I'm a magic dragon.":

...also proving that eating a banana is intrinsically funny, not just double entendre funny.