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the oxford comma

Ahh, the Oxford Comma (aka Serial comma). Often debated, but after this truly amazing moment I think we can all agree we should not use it - ever - just in case we lose the opportunity for comedy gold:

thomas the rave engine

I nearly damaged myself laughing at this. Cybergoths Dance to Thomas the Tank Engine - YouTube:

the katering show makes hot wet rice

The best Thermomix review you'll ever see:

...they've also tried quitting sugar! The Katering Show – WE QUIT SUGAR - YouTube.

...this thing in particular

Bad kitty!

As they say in the classics, fuck this thing in particular.

trombone and whut

Usually you have some idea where a video is going. Then there's this...

furball strikes back

I can't be the only one wondering if the french bulldog puppy got his bed back, right? ;)

you know it's cold when...

In Australia at the moment it's bloody hot (You know it's hot when)... so for some balance, let's look at how cold it gets elsewhere:

Minnesota Cold (Part 2) Pounding a Nail with a Frozen Banana - YouTube

Minnesota Cold (Part 6) Sledding on a Frozen Towel - YouTube

(more: Minnesota Cold - YouTube)