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funny shit update - tools explained, and bored husbands...

mensroom etiquette

Today we examine the weird and varied world of the gents, the john, the pissoir, the head, the loo, the lav, the bog... the names go on. If you have to take a leak, lose a wicket or see a man about a mule; you may observe the following behaviour: Funny Shit: Men's Room Behaviour.

No matter what though, you must obey the rules at all times: Funny Shit: the Choose A Urinal Quiz! These principles are also illustrated in this YouTube video:

(YouTube - Male Restroom Etiquette)

Remember, the success of modern civilisation hangs in the balance. Don't forget to wash your hands.

Girls, although with luck you'll never have to deal with these situations first hand... understanding the rules may help you understand guys just a little better. Probably not, but it's worth a shot. Hey, guys don't understand why girls go in groups...

death metal puppy

Funny vid doing the rounds today... Death Metal Puppy (Video).

more alternate rugby commentary

These remain funny as all shit:

(YouTube - Alternative Rugby Commentary - 2008 Super 14)

(YouTube - Alternative Rugby Commentary - The Ten Commandments)

For anyone coming in late, check out the best bits from 2007:

(YouTube - Alternative Rugby Commentary - The Best Bits of 2007)

possibly the best lolcat ever!

Cat viewing monitor - why on earth are those cats talking like that?