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brilliant complaint letter

This one's doing the rounds a bit... it's an absolute corker of a complaint letter.

AGL is an Australian power company with a pretty poor track history as far as customer service goes. In my case they started sending bills to the wrong address, then cancelled the account when they weren't paid, then started a generic 'householder' account at the real address, then managed to utterly tie themselves in knots trying to organise a bill with my name on it sent to my address.

So I can relate to this letter.

By popular demand...:

Dear AGL,

You may want to sit down. This may come as some surprise to you.

Are you ready?

I write to you regarding a billing error.

Ha, you see, I was only joking. I imagine every letter you get must be regarding a billing error. full post over at John Noble's site.

it's kind of mesmerising

Tough guys singing Savage Garden... it has a kind of mesmerising quality:

If Men Wrote Women’s Magazines

Quick link: If Men Wrote Women’s Magazines | Cool Material.

sleep talking man

Sleep Talkin' Man, transcripts of a 'mild mannered English husband' who talks crazy shit in his sleep:

"Forks. Forks to the left. To the left! No, greasy mugs go there. You really have everything ass-fucked backwards, don't you."

"Why don't you make your mouth useful. Say goodbye."

"You've got to save the curtains! Save the curtains... They hold so many secrets."

"Please bounce on my bed with me. Bounce with me. Because there's nothing more romantic than bouncing..... Boing."

"Hey, I've got a great idea. You fuck off out of my life forever. Perfect!"

"Bring it on, King Kong. I'll kick your monkey ass right back to the jungle."

"Imagine waking up next to you every day... One chunder-bucket moment after another."

"Everyday you reinvent yourself into a bigger cock-shite than ever. It's incredible. I don't know how you do it. I admire you."

he's on a horse.

Now the tickets are diamonds!

Generic News Report Is Generic

So damn true:

angry industrial dancer in little saigon

No, really. Just that. Genius:

(more in tank's youtube channel)