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muggers, ninjas and kung fu bears

This has got to be the story of the year, seriously what's going to beat this? Ninjas rescue student from muggers |

A STUDENT has been saved from a vicious assault - not by the boys in blue but the men in black.

Ninjas scared off three thugs who had the misfortune to attack the 27-year-old medical student outside their warrior school.


"You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming towards them," the school's sensei, Kaylan Soto, told the Herald.

If that's not enough though, even bears are getting in on the act: Kung Fu bear!

...maybe they're tooling up to fight back next time that smartarse from John West drops by.

four chord song

Axis of Awesome demonstrate you only need four chords to write a hit:

front fell off

Funny how political satire stays relevant... So was this tanker safe? Well obviously not, the front fell off it!

now *that* is a stiff upper lip

Just a quick video link...

The proper British response to a punch - That Video Site

fuck you, flowers

girl running through flowers, captioned: FUCK YOU FLOWERS, how does it feel to get kicked right in the face!

(via The Pool Room)