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decyphering terminology about snake control

Apparently Guam has a problem with brown tree snakes. They have a strategy to control this:

"In the last five years we have also received the official go-ahead from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use an oral toxicant... as a poison for brown tree snakes and we are working on developing the technology to deliver this toxicant aerially,"

That all sounds very scientific. Oral toxicants delivered aerially... what does that actually mean?

It means they're tossing poisoned dead mice into the jungle on parachutes.

No shit. Mouse bombs target Guam tree snakes - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

panda cheese

I hadn't seen these ads before... this one just has *perfect* timing:

(Panda Cheese ad - Supermarket)

It's the kick that makes it.

cat parkour

Cat Parkour:

cat + static + balloon = lol

Static Balloon Kitteh (via icanhazcheezburger):