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train barrier's breakout single coming soon

Jubilee Line Ticket Barrier Sings Blur's Song 2 - YouTube:

So silly it's brilliant.

funny shit update

conference call in real life

I like to imagine that even in the companies that make conference call systems, every meeting starts with five minutes of screwing around trying to get it all working. A Conference Call in Real Life - YouTube:

re-purposed technology

haribo bears of death

For those of you who laughed at Inexperienced Curry Taster, head on over to Customer Reviews: Haribo Gummy Candy, Sugarless Gummy Bears, 5-Pound Bag.

google personified

On the off chance you haven't already seen this one...

printer troubleshooting

enchanted barbecue

Enchanted BBQ For Sale | BBQ | Gumtree Australia Port Phillip - Elwood | 1035043823:

It is with a heavy heart that I must put this invaluable relic of culinary excellence up for sale, as there is only so much power that one man can wield for so long.



The fat from a pork sausage once spat up and hit my Dad in the head. He can now grow hair again, and it is glorious. Like a Pantene commercial.

A stray piece of lettuce fell onto the grill, and then turned into a white dove. It was delicious.

The aromas emanating from a single snag converted my lifetime vegan sister-in-law to a ravenous carnivore. She was later ejected from the party for biting guests.

Just last week a mate accidentally burnt his arm on the hot plate and his tennis elbow was healed instantly.

A chicken kebab cooked from this barbecue healed Luke Hodge's knee in time for the Grand Final.