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hitler finds out about iSnack 2.0

For those who don't reside in Australia... Kraft made the spectacularly daft move of naming a new version of Vegemite "iSnack 2.0". They claimed this was the result of a reader competition.

Anyway, pretty much everyone thought the name was totally stupid. Naturally, the internet responded in meme:

See also: Names that are better than iSnack 2.0, which led the charge with Just-About-Anything-Would-Be-Better-Mite.

Unsurpisingly Kraft have since decided to ditch the name. But then it gets better... it looks like Kraft registered the name two weeks before the competition closed. So now the bets are on: was the whole thing a planned stunt?

Ahhh the comedy.

texts from last night

If you've not sampled the delights of texts from last night here's a few random picks...

(419): Remember when we were trying to guess how many people could fit in my shower? The answer is 7

(323): Just did a line with a monopoly bill. Tell me I'm not fancy.

(217): The paper boy just woke me up in the front yard again.

(604): I just woke up on my kitchen floor using a yellow pages as a pillow and surrounded by plants that used to be in the garden around my apt building, can't wait to see the security tapes for my eviction

sacked on facebook

I still can't get over this one... true? Who knows, but it's funny:

screenshot of facebook status bitching about their job; and a comment from their boss giving them the sack


I don't know what it is that makes some LOLs ... well, not LOL-worthy, and other LOLs actually genuinely make me LOL. But anyway, this one made me LOL*.

horse looking at engine - i fail to see how 350 of us are going to fit in there

* When I say LOL, I really did. Unlike some people out there who use LOL as punctuation.


1930s predictions about 2000 fashion. Gold, it's just gold...